I have dealt with overall depression/anxiety and trichotillomania for just about as long as I can remember. Nancy helped open my eyes to the reason I was feeling this way, the memories I have tried to tuck away for years and try to forget. Ever since our session together, I am sleeping better, my mania has lessened tenfold... I wish I could've gone back and did this when I first realized my mental health was poor. Thank you so much Nancy. I can't wait to get my mom in with you.

Brooke Birtles


Thank you, Nancy! I am feeling so much better since my RTT session. Before our session, I was not able to have a conversation without coughing and I felt totally winded just walking up the stairs. I was a bit skeptical going into the session since I couldn't imagine how it would help something physical like asthma, but the results have been truly remarkable.

You helped me to uncover some negative beliefs I've had since childhood regarding my health and rewrite them. This has completely turned around my life-long struggle with asthma. Since our session, my lungs have continuously gotten stronger. I haven't used my rescue inhaler in about 3-4 weeks. (I was taking it about 3-4 times per day before our session!)

My doctor has completely taken me off the high doses of Singular, and she reduced my Advair Discus dosage down to one time per day. I meet with her next week and I believe she may take me off Advair completely since I have had zero asthma attacks since my last visit.

I'm finally able to talk, laugh, and play with my kids without coughing. I'm sleeping better, and I've started to see the scale moving in the right direction once again. I'm down a total of 35 pounds so far! My session with you has given me back my, breath, freedom, and hope.



Over the years I have dealt with crippling anxiety and depression that has held me back from reaching my full potential. As a child, I encountered trauma that skewed my perception of the world and left me feeling empty. I've tried to fill that void in my life with material things, food, substances and even people, but nothing ever really left me feeling whole. In our 2 hour session, Nancy helped me bulldoze through my past and uncover the source of my anxiety and depression. Immediately afterwards, I no longer felt afraid of my past but more so empowered and very excited about my future. My session with Nancy was truly life changing. I feel so free from the emotional baggage that was weighing me down in my day to day life. It was such an enlightening experience and I'd highly suggest a RTT session to anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety!

Anna Stephenson


I hadn't felt well after having my gallbladder removed and heard about Nancy through my sister in law, who was treated by Nancy. She tested me on her computer. The testing made perfect sense to me: my body was giving feedback on what it needed. No guessing, no experimenting, just right on! She suggested an enzyme for people with no ability to break down fats due to gallbladder removal. It worked amazing! I continue with it after all these years due to such a positive impact.

Nancy has treated me for 15 plus years for many health related issues, always with improvement. The latest has been hypnosis. I'm pleased with my results. I would highly recommend Nancy. She is highly educated and has helped me find a way back to better health and living. I've come to trust her. She is a wonderful person who has been so valuable to me. The quality of my life is greater because of her knowledge and talents.

Doctors have their place in treatment, but this should be the way they diagnose and treat us. So many health issues could be avoided if patients had people like Nancy to work with!

Susie Panse


"The results were simply transforming"

I have known Nancy for many years as my holistic support/provider. She has solved many challenges for me over the years, including addressing my leaky gut issues, gluten intolerance challenges, and providing supplements to offset the effects of the removal of my gallbladder. More recently, Nancy made me aware of the RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) services she was providing when I was consulting with her on another issue, and the timing seemed perfect for me.

Nancy performed RTT with me twice over the course of 2 months. The results were simply transforming. My goals in respect to modifying unhealthy behaviors and improving my self perception were completely exceeded.

It was obvious in my second RTT session that the original plan was taking a pretty significant turn, and Nancy just went with the flow and facilitated a spectacular session that was very different from the one she had planned. As a result, my outcome was much more profound. Nancy never ceases to amaze me.

Nancy has great intuition about a client's needs and does an excellent job of presenting her ideas and suggestions in ways that are easy to understand and digest. Nancy is a loving, caring, intuitive, empathic, healing and non-judgmental health professional. She is constantly seeking to better herself, and therefore is always offering options for her clients that are for their greater good.

Sheila Vanzile


At 25 years old, I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease, an autoimmune disease causing hyperthyroidism. My endocrinologist told me that my only definitive treatment options were radiation or surgery to kill my thyroid. I was incredibly overwhelmed, having gone from feeling "fine" to sick in the matter of moments after learning I had an autoimmune disease that would affect my entire life. I wasn't ready to accept that killing my thyroid was my only option, so I started on medication and decided to research alternative treatments to Graves' Disease. I quickly learned about the correlation between food intolerances, nutrition, extreme stress and autoimmune diseases. Someone suggested I go see Nancy for biomeridian testing and to see how she might help me.

For the first two years that I worked with Nancy she used biomeridian testing to evaluate different areas of my lifestyle and nutrition that might be causing chronic inflammation, triggering the autoimmune response. We worked through an elimination diet, discovering food sensitivities, treating parasites, environmental toxicity, going off of hormonal birth control, and identifying triggers for stress and anxiety.

It was not an overnight cure, but over the two years of work with Nancy and regular checkups with my endocrinologist, I was slowly able to reduce the amount of medication I was on. Two and a half years after beginning treatment with Nancy, I was able to go completely off of my thyroid medication.

While addressing my physical symptoms was important, the real life-changing work began when I also incorporated mental health and healing. Nancy challenged me by asking me the hard questions about what I actually wanted, WHY I behaved certain ways, and why I tolerated such stressful situations. She helped me reframe my thinking and reestablish important boundaries at work, greatly influencing my stress levels and overall happiness.

However, when I went off of all thyroid medication (under my doctor's supervision) I started having anxiety again. I constantly worrying that I'd mess something up and "relapse". Things seemed too good to be true, and I was convinced in my mind that I couldn't fully heal. I did a RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) session with Nancy to determine the root cause of my anxiety. I was initially very intimidated by RTT, but the experience was amazing. Nancy made me feel very safe, and the entire process helped me name and identify causes of anxiety that I never would've recalled on my own.

The process of acknowledging those experiences and then getting them out of my system was very empowering. I now am on a regimen of basic supplements, have been gluten and dairy free for two years, and am officially three months away from being declared in clinical remission from Graves' Disease (which means my thyroid blood work has been stable for nearly a year without ANY medication!)

I was initially shocked when Nancy asked me about me as a PERSON, rather than just my list of symptoms. Despite being 25 years old (now 27) I don't think I had ever taken the time to really think about myself, or to get to know myself. My sessions with Nancy are equal parts talking/processing as well as evaluating symptoms. No doctor had ever asked me what was going on in my life, or challenged me to do the hard work of addressing my mental health. There is such a strong connection between mental and physical health, and my physical healing dramatically accelerated once I started healing emotionally.

Nancy is innovative, effective and empowering. She is a healer that listens to more than just your body - she listens to your emotions, your choices, and your environment to determine how to help you achieve your health goals. The work is hard, and ultimately it's up to you to hold yourself accountable to change your lifestyle. But it is completely worth it.

Hanna Burmeister


Nancy has helped me for years now to treat my body, soul, and mind holistically. Without harmful medication, needles, or uncomfortable testing she has helped discern issues in my brain, nervous system, lungs, heart, and digestive system and treat them successfully. She is compassionate, thorough, and very knowledgeable in her field, as well as becoming a trusted friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health in any area!



Who says water cooler conversations are not productive! It was during one of these when Nancy Despres's name came up. From that water cooler chat, I am today more productive at home and at work. Through Biomeridian Testing, Nancy was indeed able to get to the root of my health imbalance. I took her findings seriously and followed up with all her recommendations from taking supplements to using the allergy desensitization technique called the Nano SRT. This allergy season has been so much tolerable with minimal sneezing and much improved breathing. The increased energy is amazing. Just go and see Nancy Despres for enhanced healthy living out of the blue.

Sienna Mavima

Very Satisfied Client

Hi just want to say my husband and I both felt so empowered after my appointment on Monday. I feel I have the ability to take my body back instead of having no control. Just an up date in this short 5 day journey my blood pressure on wed, thurs, and fri 122/77 128/30 126/77. Yay!!! I'm excited to continue in this success.



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