Rapid Transformational Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to get clarity and heal the physical issues?
How about the emotional contribution to the physical issues?
Do you experience… Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia? Infertility?
Would you love to lose weight permanently?
Feel more confident?
Have you struggled with depression or anxiety for way too long? Do you have fear around an issue?
Constantly stressed out?

When we only work with only the body, the results can be a crap shoot. Temporary. When we engage the mind, when we: re-train & re-wire the mind. Anything is possible. I follow the new studies. You have heard forever that we only use a fraction of our brain.

"What the mind believes-the body achieves."

Want your mind to work for you? Want to overcome the physical struggles, fatigue, weight gain, irritable bowel, maybe a scary diagnosis? Rapid Transformational Therapy -RTT is a novel and refreshing approach developed by Marissa Peer, who developed it and has worked it for 30 plus years. It offers incredible results because it combines many excellent therapies: NLP neural linguistic programming, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. It works with the subconscious in a deeply relaxed state. What is this deeply relaxed state? It is the part of the mind we go to when we enjoy a daydream, when you are deep into a good book, or when you are creatively immersed into something where you lose track of time, cleaning and clearing of old ideas about ourselves.

Because it can literally change the trajectory of your life in one session.

It works just like a pilot setting the coordinates for the airplane to arrive at a specific destination. When we change the program your mind is running you change the destination of your life path. Sound amazing? Yep. It is. RTT is used to gently access the subconscious. This is the deeper part of the mind that is responsible for processing thousands of things at one time and for storing everything we have experienced in our lives in differing degrees of importance. It runs on auto pilot without us even realizing it. Think of it as the hard drive on your computer. In a deep state of relaxation I guide you to examine old programs and replace them.

This is not continuously talking about our issues and everything we have experienced in our lives in differing degrees of importance. Nor does it take months or years of dredging up the same old stuff. Rather, it's one and done.

Here's a brilliant metaphor: ever cleaned out your closet? You know when you walk in and you realize you either can't fit any more in or you get tired of looking at the same junk? It's outdated, no longer useful, and/ or needs a fresh look? That is exactly what we can and should do with our ideas and beliefs. Many are outdated. Most are not even ours. We adopted them from parents, teachers. They worked for us when we were little and we have them way too long. It's like the winter coat-much needed in the winter, but when spring rolls in we take it off. Or that plaid jacket from the 80's.

Our brain's main role is to keep us safe. Period. The end. It will keep repeating a pattern until we tell it to stop. We identify what we want and we rewire it. Your mind needs to work for you NOT against you. Understanding is POWER. We cannot change what we don't understand. Your mind holds the key to unlock and heal the blocks.

We do it together: I help you to identify what it is that you want. We create a deep state of relaxation. Easy- I have been told my entire life that I have a super calming voice - let's use it.

Together, I help you to identify and release old beliefs and ideas that rapidly come into your awareness so you can understand them, you see them clearly with compassion. They were useful at one time. You release them, heal and rewire. We build new beautiful neural pathways filled with new beliefs designed to be heat seeking missiles for what you really desire. Healthy new beliefs and patterns. Your beliefs, not old programming from your ancestors. Understanding and awareness is POWER. We install new beliefs, the ones you choose.

Each session is approximately 90 to 120 minutes and includes a recording for you to listen to during the day or to fall asleep to at night.

You leave with a new understanding of the issue, a calmness and peace and new freedom. You will also have a 30 minute follow up call and access to email, text, for 30 days afterwards.

Yes. Hypnosis & in particular Rapid Transformational Therapy has worked & continues to work for thousands of people just like you, no matter the issue. It's simple, effective & proven.

No. You are awake and alert, aware of everything that is happening throughout the session. You are participating with me.

During your session, you will feel, relaxed & comfortable. Hypnosis is a natural state that you experience in your day-to-day life so it won't feel unfamiliar. Many feel a sense of freedom they have never felt before.


Here are a couple of recent testimonials:


Why did you seek RTT and what did you gain?

In the past, I had spent a lot of time making good progress on my mindset with the use of techniques including Bible study and working with a mindset coach. Although I had all the right tools, I still felt like something was pulling me back. What I didn't know was I still had some limiting beliefs that prevented me from moving forward on goals....These beliefs weren't on the forefront of the mind, and I didn't know I had those beliefs. While I was a pretty skeptical about RTT, as it uses hypnotherapy, the technique helped me to see my limiting beliefs and then overcome them. I am now much more a believer in how powerful the realm of the subconscious is.

Can you share a little bit about what RTT therapy included?
I did a 21 day program, which included one face to face session with Nancy per week for three weeks. I also listened to a short recording during that time, once or twice a day, every day. Before the first session, I gave Nancy my background in writing, and she read it. When we met for the first time, she had prepared words of affirmation for me--words that neutralized my negative thoughts through affirmations of the success that would happen as a result of overcoming my mental barriers. She read these words to me when I was in a highly relaxed state and also sent me home with these same words on a tape, to listen to every day. Because the affirmations work with your unconscious, you don't have to be awake to listen. I loved listening to the tape and would absolutely use the technique for other obstacles I might face.

The follow up sessions with Nancy were key to see the changes that resulted, as I wasn't able to see them on my own. She asked questions to probe and see if change had resulted and helped me to continue to focus of successes. I knew that RTT was working when she would point out behaviors that were happening that were completely uncharacteristic for me.

What might you say to those considering this therapy?
If you are a hard worker who always tries to work on overcoming barriers in your life, you are the type of person that might benefit the most from RTT. That's because we can't use effort to overcome something behind the consciousness. It simply doesn't respond to effort and work. Trying something that is a bit more passive and relying on someone else's help made a huge difference for me.

- Fitness Studio Owner and Personal Trainer,
Amy Harris

"My session with Nancy was incredibly eye opening! I was astounded at how quickly I was able to get into hypnosis and how natural it really felt. The scenes that we were able to uncover pin-pointed the exact blocks I was experiencing in my life. It was a huge "ah-ha" kind of moment for me after the session and it felt like I was finally putting all the puzzle pieces together. If you are looking for some deep personal healing, I would highly suggest seeing Nancy. She makes you feel instantly at ease and gently guides you through the entire process. Thank you Nancy."
"Nancy is truly gifted and shared her gift with one hypnosis session for anxiety that I particularly struggle with as a student. During the session her calm tone guided me throughout different parts of my life to self discover the roots of what I was feeling. Immediately after my hypnosis session my anxiousness was felt as excitement and I was able to utilize the true power of my mind. Best of all, Nancy sent me an audio file from the hypnosis session that I listen to anytime the feelings of doubt or anxiousness reoccur resulting in immediate relief from my subconscious mind!"
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