Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis

Can be done long distance.

Minerals are involved in nearly every enzymatic reaction within your body.

Unsure what that means for you? Let me say it in a little more straightforward way:

Minerals ensure enzymes do their jobs. Without correctly performing enzymes our bodies won't function properly. You can't breathe, swallow, drink, or digest food.

A mineral analysis performed on a strand of hair can prevent total system failure and it can also be used as preventative care.

If you are ill but nobody has found an explanation why or the approach you've taken hasn't been completely effective, a simple hair analysis can help you solve your problem by recognizing your biochemical individuality (how the minerals are functioning – or not – in your body).

This can be done long distance. All I need is a sample of your hair.

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I will send you a kit that includes easy to follow instructions for collecting a hair sample. You return the envelope to the lab.


7 - 10 Days

In 7 - 10 days you will receive the results and treatment recommendations, which we will go through together either in person or over the phone.

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