12-week program- What are you really hungry for?

A jumpstart program for permanently releasing what is weighing you down.

No doubt if you are reading this going on a diet and attempting to lose weight isn't your first try. Bravo! You have tried.

Lose Weight

Weight loss starts in your brain

What if I could teach you how to lose weight permanently? Would you laugh? Would you be skeptical? Or would you be intrigued? What I have discovered is that losing or releasing weight is a skill and you have not been taught it correctly.

It's not your fault.

Lose Weight

Here is a breakdown of what we will cover…

12 week private coaching session done via Zoom.

  1. Getting to know you-assessments, when you answer the assessments that I send to you it helps me to help you. Results from your most recent blood work lets me know the "glitches" in your metabolism. If you have not had any I can send you a link to obtain your own. Looking at results from an ASI, an adrenal saliva index panel, measures your cortisol, a critical hormone that is impacted by stress, (which I will send to you) helps me to see how your hormonal system is responding or not responding.
  2. Vision work-having a powerful vision, one that excites you is an integral piece of how you will get there. Your vision will pull you towards your goals and will help you when you need that extra mindset boost.
    • Health and longevity?
    • Being able to hike and ski with your grandchildren?
    • Feeling pain free without carrying extra weight?
    • Lowering your blood pressure?
    • Lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease by getting your blood sugar under control?
    • Being able to walk into your closet and slip into anything?
    • Feeling confident having your picture taken?
    • Not avoiding mirrors.
    • Feeling great naked?
    What is it for you?
  3. Emotional eating-why you are always hungry… WEIGHT LOSS STARTS IN YOUR BRAIN. Understanding brain chemistry as well as how food affects hormones. Sugar/flour and dopamine. Sugar and flour dysregulate your appetite you get a hit of dopamine, but it's a junk hit which only creates the desire for more. I will teach you the "Hunger Scale" and how to know if it's true physical hunger or emotional hunger.
  4. Intro to hypnosis, understanding and working with your subconscious mind. Hypnosis can boost motivation and self-confidence on the weight loss journey. By accessing positive memories and experiences, hypnosis can help you tap into your inner resources, build self-belief, and reinforce the belief that permanent weight loss is achievable, by creating new neural pathways. When we do a session together I create a personal recording just for you to listen to daily, it will install new programs, ones you choose. You can change anything you want with enough repetition.Your habits and patterned eating were programmed a long time ago, needing dessert, finishing your plate… harness the power of your sub conscious mind to rewire your relationship with food, a personal session is included in this program.
  5. Thoughts and feelings-how to think and feel. Your results are created by the thoughts you think. They are reinforced by your feelings and actions. I will teach you how think, feel and act in alignment with what you truly want.
  6. Scale drama, it's all fun and games when we are losing weight, but what happens when that scale goes up, or doesn't move? Manage your mind around the numbers. You most likely won't want to weigh yourself and understanding what you are making it mean is key. The mind can turn those numbers into critical thoughts, the mind can be mean. We need to teach it to be compassionate.
  7. Your protocol-how to create and understand how your protocol that will give you freedom and not restriction.
  8. Prepare and trusting yourself-building self-trust doing what you say you will do.
  9. What to do if you slip up?
  10. Hunger how does it feel in your body?
  11. Become fat adapted vs sugar adapted. Your body will learn to get fuel from your own fat sources. Develop an efficient metabolism. You eat and burn, not you eat and store.
  12. Urges and managing them, understanding what the urge is and riding it out.
Lose Weight

I am not promising it will be easy...

I am promising it will be worth it!! I have lived every obstacle and can address each one and walk you gracefully into permanent weight loss.

Best news ever is that once you learn this skill you will have it for life and the ideas and concepts can be applied to any area of your life.

Interested? Message me. Cheers, Nancy