When we allow ourselves to feel, we allow ourselves to heal

If you ask most people, they'll tell you they are or have been working toward wellness in their lives. But what results have they received?

Some people feel current happiness, but they worry their debilitating diagnosis or depression will resurface when they least expect it. These people often say things about carrying their baggage with them, instead of letting it hold them back. They don't feel cured, just better, aware that the shoe dropping looms somewhere ahead.

Others feel uncomfortable even admitting something is off. Their pain might be mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical, but they know *it* should be different, even if they can't tell you exactly why or how. If modern medicine and self-help books haven't helped, how can you determine what's wrong?

Isn't dissatisfaction just part of being an adult?

These experiences are incredibly common for most people and, honestly, prevent us from living our healthiest, most fulfilled lives.

Trust me, I know. And I know now that dissatisfaction is not a requirement of adulthood. When illness appears, there is almost always a degree of suppressed desires, too.

Let's go back to my own liberation:

The Fall

I did what I thought was emotional work for the majority of my life. There were many moments when I felt liberated from my emotional pain, yet my life and the results of my work proved the outcome was different than my perspective.

I still wanted to hide away, play small, and wouldn't dare talk about how I truly felt for fear of how I'd been seen by others.

Living in my comfort zone? It made me uneasy.

I, just like many others, kept searching and searching for a way to fit in and ignore my struggling until I could find a logical and intellectual way to pinpoint what the problem was.

Except, as with many others, my problem wasn't one of logic or intellect, it was deeply, completely emotional. And I was entirely unaware of how much damage was being done to myself because i thought I was doing the necessary work.

The Turn Around

Prescriptions weren't working. After 1 Xanax, I decided never to take them again (out of fear) and hid myself away from everyone instead. Talk therapy and endless self-help books only did so much. I was searching in the wrong places, never considering the answer was to go within.

Desperate for a solution, I found the work of Rapid Transformation Therapy (or RTT). It's a combination approach to therapy, created by Marisa Peer, combining hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Each session accesses your subconscious, the part of the mind that truly needs to be examined for beliefs that are holding you back.

After one session I felt darkness lift from my life.

How was this possible?

I wasn't quite sure, except I could feel the lightness and had never felt so liberated or free in my life. The proof was in the outcome.

I was transformed, deeply thankful and full of love.

My Rediscovery

Once I felt the freedom provided by RTT, I knew I needed to add this practice to my holistic regime, so I studied the process and became a practitioner.

That's when I realized it can cure a whole host of issues by itself or paired with other services. By addressing unhealthy patterns in the physical and emotional bodies the body has an incredible ability to heal itself and move toward a natural state of wellness.

Our bodies' are self-regulating systems, and when we remove emotional and physical obstacles it can return to its natural state of wholeness.

RTT accesses your subconscious mind, the part we slip into to enjoy a daydream. While inside, the old programming is assessed and - if needed - replaced with whatever healthy, empowering messages you want to take the spot of those thoughts and beliefs that were holding you hostage before.

Our minds are so powerful and - yet - they can render us powerless. Once our brains find the cause of pain, they will remember the root for our lifetime. This means whatever action we choose in the present moment is often rooted in the past, in the memory of our old pain.

Because of this confusing connection, our actions aren't always the healthiest or based on our present needs. This is why we soothe with food, sometimes to the point of obesity. Even more alarming, this confusion can cause autoimmune disorders when the body begins to attack itself.

But RTT can reignite the inner healer in you, getting your body to do what it's supposed to, and finding the underlying core issues that are causing incredible suffering.

Yes, it sounds incredibly woo-woo and very spiritual, but let me ask you this:

What is holding you back from trying a new approach when every other attempt has ended in you still struggling?

I don't ask that to sound condescending or shame you for what you've tried. Remember, I tried a lot of approaches too. Once I finally decided to try something new my life was turned completely upside down.

Now I am not only physically healthy, I am mentally and emotionally in the best shape of my life.

I want that for you, too.

If you're interested in learning more details about how RTT works, I encourage you to sign up for a free 20-minute consultation. Inside of that time, we'll answer any remaining questions you have about therapy and see if our personalities will be a good fit.

There's no pressure, no sales pitch, and no reason not to sign up.

What are you waiting for?

Also, RTT can be paired with a Hair Analysis to super charge your healing. Find out more about that below.