what is a VIP INTENSIVE?

  • in a few words... carved out time, good amounts of time

    When people come to the moment when they realize they need to and want to change their life - they need to change their life.

  • no distractions - pure intention and focus

    It is blocked-out time for you and Nancy to get clarity on not the "I should's" but the "I MUST's"!

  • Producing CLARITY

    Figure out the goal - what needs clarity? What's in the way? What needs to change? Who do you need to BECOME in order to solidify the vision?


It starts with some pre-testing and assessment in Nancy's office and it builds into a dedicated time where we pull it all together. We declutter and prioritize what needs to be done. Let's create a plan, a strong mindset and an understanding of your body's needs.

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