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& Ebay

Many patients often take my supplement recommendations and turn to Amazon or Ebay for the convenience of online shopping. While I understand the desire to save time and money, there are some risks that patients are often unaware of when purchasing supplements online.


What can go wrong when you buy supplements from Amazon or Ebay?

  • Quality Control

    Supplements bought on sites like Amazon may sit in large, uncontrolled warehouses not intended to store medications or supplements. Unregulated for temperature and humidity control, these conditions can have a significant impact on product potency and viability. In addition, patients frequently report receiving expired product from Amazon as there is no accountability from third-party retailers to send out viable product to its consumers.

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  • Tampered Product

    To conceal their identity, internet resellers often deface product labels and alter important tracking information. They will rub off expiration dates, manufacturer lot numbers and bar codes all of which are crucial for the manufacturer to guarantee its efficacy.

  • Counterfeit Product

    As professional supplements grow in popularity, so does the prevalence of cheap, imitation products camouflaged as professional line supplements. While these products will look the same as the ones in my office, they use inferior raw ingredients that virtually never have the correct amount of the active ingredients they are supposed to contain.