Nano Stress Reduction Therapy

Nano Stress Reduction Therapy
It seems stress is the new normal: many have it and everyone wishes they didn't.
Stress is not only emotionally and mentally draining, but it also impacts our physical well-being and makes it harder for us to heal.
The Nano SRT is another tool I use, like the BioMeridian Testing, to help identify body incongruities. Specifically, Nano SRT is an allergy desensitization technique that identifies individual stressors and their degree of impact on your body. And it's done through non-invasive acupressure points on your middle fingers.

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Once stressors are identified, the system works by teaching your body how to react to them normally (via vibrational frequencies). The biofeedback procedure includes the stimulation of specific points on your hands, feet, and spine, and then I recommend holistic approaches you can use at home to help your body adapt.
Step 1: Identify
Step 2: Reduce with biofeedback and relieve with holistic supplements
This is great for you if you're ready to reduce fatigue, allergies, asthma symptoms, anxiety, and food sensitivities. If you have additional stressor symptoms you think this may help, please contact me via email to confirm. Once finished, you'll have increased energy and a substantial shift in your ability to handle stress.