Nancy Despres

Nancy Despres
RN, MBe – Holistic Nurse

People are turly fascinating. We all want to be healthy and happy, living full lives, yet it often feels impossible to reach our health goals: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Modern society tells us medicine is the answer, but we're all learning – at different paces – most pills only mask the root of our problems.

It can be scary to try to figure out how to fully heal, especially when we don't know who to trust or talk to about treatment approaches.

Panic attacks? I had them. And I spent most days locked inside, afraid to leave the house or even check the mail. Horrified when my doctor's only solution was Xanax, I started a journey into natural well-being.

Looking back, this scary moment was the turning point I needed in my life. For the past 17 years, I've been helping people clean up their inward and outward lives and giving them the reboot they need.


Let's Journey Together

  • Uniquely You

    Wellness is an individualized journey, and I'm a guide toward finding your own happy. An avid learner, an RN, a teacher, and constant source of enthusiasm, I haven't stopped studying holistic health (yes, even as a registered nurse) because it's the secret reason my life is held together when no amount of Western medicine research could help me.

  • All Natural Healing

    I believe the human body is a miraculous machine. With eleven incredible systems teaming up to tend to us, I also know the truth doesn't come in a prescription bottle or diagnosis. Instead, we can find out the natural pathway toward better health by looking at symptoms and signs our bodies give us daily.

    Homeopathy, vitamins, herbs, enzymes, and essences: these are energetic medicine and can save you just as they saved me.

  • I'm Here For You

    Hi, I'm Nancy Despres and I'm 100% committed to getting you back to where you believe you should be. Your body is equipped to fix itself if you treat it appropriately. With my wiring to care and nurture, teach and motivate, I will get you healed.

    I'm so overjoyed you're here. Welcome to the beginning of lifelong health and happiness.


During your first consultation Nancy will take a detailed medical history, including information about your lifestyle such as your level of physical activity, your work environment and your diet, together with any relevant past medical history.