Meet Nancy

Nancy Despres
Nancy Despres
RN, MBe – Holistic Nurse
"Nancy has helped me for years now to treat my body, soul, and mind holistically. Without harmful medication, needles, or uncomfortable testing she has helped discern issues in my brain, nervous system, lungs, heart, and digestive system and treat them successfully. She is compassionate, thorough, and very knowledgeable in her field, as well as becoming a trusted friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their health in any area!"
"I had a life-changing experience from participating in Nancy and Patty's abundance and prosperity retreat. They provided everything and more that anyone could possibly need; great leadership; compassion; personal support; delicious , healthy and gorgeous food; thoughtful consideration of all details including timing the retreat with the full moon, property location within walking distance of Lake Michigan; at least two nature walks per day, and incredible material. I experienced several powerful releases during the retreat and returned to my life a changed person with support materials and tools to sustain my desired changes. Thank you!"
-Diane Pyshos
"Who says water cooler conversations are not productive! It was during one of these when Nancy Despres's name came up. From that water cooler chat, I am today more productive at home and at work. Through Biomeridian Testing, Nancy was indeed able to get to the root of my health imbalance. I took her findings seriously and followed up with all her recommendations from taking supplements to using the allergy desensitization technique called the Nano SRT. This allergy season has been so much tolerable with minimal sneezing and much improved breathing. The increased energy is amazing. Just go and see Nancy Despres for enhanced healthy living out of the blue."
Very satisfied client,
Sienna Mavima
Hi just want to say my husband and I both felt so empowered after my appointment on Monday. I feel I have the ability to take my body back instead of having no control. Just an up date in this short 5 day journey my blood pressure on wed, thurs, and fri 122/77 128/30 126/77. Yay!!! I'm excited to continue in this success.

I am fascinated
by people!

I am absolutely fascinated by the human body and how it is such a miraculous machine. Can you believe it? It has a total of eleven amazing systems all working together like a natural symphony. Combine that with a myriad of emotions and feelings and it's pretty fascinating. I love to listen and want my clients to feel that I truly understand their situation in a holistic way. Everyone has a story and is on a unique journey. I love to be part of the journey and find ways to give people strategies for a better quality of life.

I have been helping people just like you clean out the inside, reboot (analyze), and clean the outside since 2000. I continue to study natural / holistic health practices to better understand my clients. Check out my services and see what I have to offer. I love it all.


why choose me?

  • My Start

    I started my career as a RN at Butterworth Hospital in the Cardiovascular Thoracic Unit. It was crazy busy and exciting. I discovered that I am wired to care and nurture, to teach and to motivate. Modern medicine is incredible and we have the best technology, the most brilliant doctors, and cutting edge research. It was a great time in my life, I learned so much, but I still wanted something more.

  • Along The Way

    Along the way, I had three children, worked hard, slept very little, and didn't take care of myself. I was running on the hamster wheel. Soon after my last child, I developed "panic attacks." Ever had one? I hope not because it's horrible. I would live most of the day in panic, in the house, and afraid to even go to the mailbox. The answer according to my doctor was Xanax. I was horrified. Thus began my journey into natural health. Looking back it was the best thing that could have happened because I love what I do now.

  • So It Began

    I am a searcher by nature, and I found a solution in a process called Electrodermal Screening (EDS). It seemed really strange. I held a rod and the practitioner touched different points on my hands and feet. The crazy thing was that according to my doctor all my blood work was normal, and according to my energy practitioner I was anything but normal. From the perspective of the biofeedback evaluation, I had blood sugar instability, candida, mercury in various organs, and many food sensitivities. I was excited! There is nothing worse than feeling awful and your doctor telling you that "you are perfectly fine, you are just depressed." This was something I could control. So it began, a love and an unrelenting hunger to learn everything I could about homeopathy, vitamins, herbs (which I lovingly call "God's pharmacy"), enzymes, and flower essences. For me, energy medicine was my savior. It took about six months of changes, but I can say it has been 17 years since my last panic attack.