Your body tells a story through symptoms...

Everyone has a story to tell...

...and if it's not with their words, their body expresses it in symptoms, it is the only language your body speaks.

Pain in "symptom speak" can mean different things depending on the location: back pain can mean you feel the need to guard things important to you, the tension may keep you safe, the rigidity creates a boundary, and it is easier to keep people and difficult situations away. It also may reflect feeling controlled during childhood. It goes much deeper.

IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome speaks about feeling suppression in things you have tried to accomplish, the key people in your life did not give you what you needed in order to feel safe and validated in the way you needed to express yourself. You may have had a childhood where you needed to fend for yourself, leaving you feeling lonely and unsupported. There can also be a histamine intolerance, or a microbial imbalance on the physical level. For the complete resolution of any disease process, the emotions need to be addressed and understood to be shifted.

Diabetes - is a condition of lacking, emotionally it is the sense of unfulfilled accomplishment in life. Only feeling joy when you are in control of things around you.

Autoimmune diseases, and there are many, are when the body and mind are stuck in an unconscious state of fight-flight. The worst-case scenario is always expected, and the person is prepared for it. It is a feeling of overwhelming criticism and judgment leaving a person with anger. Trauma has been a large part of the person's identity and there is a fear that part of the person will disappear if it is resolved.

I have worked with people for the better part of 40 years, and I see these dis-ease processes as a language the body speaks, a story it tells.

Yet most don't listen. And it's no one's fault.

Humans have been conditioned to suppress symptoms. Pretty tough to settle the west complaining about your issue.

Modern medicine has a model for making the symptoms "go away", which is just like putting duct tape over the check engine light.

Plus, it's uncomfortable as heck to sit with emotions.

And yet, when you know, YOU KNOW. It is so empowering to have agency over your feelings.

This is what I know, the more we allow ourselves to feel, the more we can heal.

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Nancy Despres

Nancy Despres

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