What in the world is coaching and why should you experience it?

Coaching is....holding space for someone in a non-judgmental way, helping them to see their own mind so they alone can make the best decisions for themselves. The client is the expert in their own life. It is only their thinking that is misaligned. A coach helps you realign your thinking, to separate the facts from the story, and to be able to critically evaluate your thoughts, to see how your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings then lead to either action (behaviors) or inaction. And these my friends create your results.

I coach using an incredible Model, and here is the secret sauce.

Circumstances- facts, which are neutral, can be proven in a court of law, and agreed on by EVERYONE.
Thoughts- phrases in our minds about circumstances
Feelings- produced by the thoughts...will lead to our...
Actions, or inactions- things we do or do not do will ultimately give you your...
Results- what you are experiencing.

Your thoughts are key. They are gold. When you can observe your thoughts, which can run in the background, you can create a result that will blow your own mind.

I will help you blow your own mind.

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Nancy Despres

Nancy Despres

RN, MBE – Holistic Nurse

Hi, I'm Nancy Despres and I'm 100% committed to getting you back to where you believe you should be.

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