What if, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic, you felt calm, certain and at ease?

A pandemic is a great time to lose it.

No one would criticize you for feeling anxious or out of sorts.
But I want to let you in on a secret...
The only thing you have control over is the way you choose to think about something.

There is even a formula for it:

We have a thought and it produces a feeling.

And feelings drive everything - our behaviors, our actions and ultimately our results.

Even in the worst of the worst, you can and absolutely MUST choose how to think in order to feel better.

It is your birthright, your power and your point of clarity.

I know you want to FEEL a certain way. We all do. We're human.
If you are like me, you want to feel calm. You want to have a sense that all is well.
To have that unwavering certainty, in the face of UNCERTAINTY, is possible.

But it won't come from anything external. There is no amount of binge watching, denial, running, hiding or pretending that will give you that feeling long-term.

You can give it to yourself though. It comes from a rock-solid, deep, gut knowing, a feeling in your bones.

In fact, what if it could be better than all right?
What if, even in the face of a worldwide pandemic, you felt calm, certain and at ease?
What I do know for sure is that you can choose to feel this way by choosing your thoughts.

You see, your thoughts produce chemicals that either enrich you or drain you.

Unfortunately, no one ever taught us how to use our minds for our own benefit.

Think of thoughts like fertilizer. What do you want to feed and grow?

Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT combines a state of deep relaxation with powerful suggestions.

It has the power to remove old ways of thinking and feeling and replace them with a deep sense of wellbeing.

With all the news going on, it is inevitable we can pick up a fear program.

We are all very suggestible. Fear-based thoughts are contagious.

With the right suggestions, our minds are able and willing to give us a deep sense of calm.
I recently created a prerecorded RTT session to help you feel a strong sense of wellbeing and calm. It is specifically designed to address the challenges we are facing today.
Inside are powerful commands and suggestions to strengthen not only your emotional state but also to strengthen your immune system.

The truth is the more calm and relaxed you feel, the more your immune system can work as nature intended it to.

You are not alone.

For the first time, we are all facing the same challenges.

It is my wish for you to feel a sense of control over the way in which you weather this storm.

For the remainder of the pandemic, I am offering this to you for just $47 (normally $297).

It's my way of giving back and being of service in this crisis.
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Here's what others say about RTT with me:
"I have been through a lot in life. Two of my children died, I was the victim of domestic violence, and I was a homeless single mother. That was a long time ago. And life slowly got better. Then several years ago, I was struck by anxiety and panic attacks... Did you ever feel like you were losing your mind? If you are reading this, you probably have. I worked with several doctors, and nothing improved. Nor did I want to take all the drugs they wanted to put me on. Not that I didn't try, but they had side effects. I was desperate.

I had an RTT session with Nancy. I listened to her followup recording daily for a month. I had a couple of times where anxiety reared its head. Today, my boss asked me if I was frightened by this COVID-19 situation. And I told him I wasn't. Then it struck me: I genuinely am not afraid. Of course, I don't want my family to get this CoronaVirus. But the rest of it? The restrictions, the idea of not having enough, the uncertainty swirling all around -- It doesn't worry me... What I have found since the RTT session is that I got my grit back. Life isn't perfect, but I know that I can handle it. And the centered feeling in my chest, that peace -- it just deepens with time. I am so grateful for the changes following my session with Nancy."

"I came to Nancy because of crippling anxiety that was affecting my whole life. Along with that, I had been in pain, post gallbladder removal. The work I did with Nancy has created incredible transformation where I am now out of pain and free from anxiety.

I cannot recommend Nancy too highly. Her care, professionalism and compassion is inspiring and empowering.

I wish I would have found you sooner. All the years I have spent spinning in these false ideas. It's so amazing to rise above and feel free to me again."

"Over the years I have dealt with crippling anxiety and depression that has held me back from reaching my full potential... In our 2 hour session, Nancy helped me bulldoze through my past and uncover the source of my anxiety and depression. Immediately afterward, I no longer felt afraid of my past but more so empowered and very excited about my future. My session with Nancy was truly life changing. I feel so free from the emotional baggage that was weighing me down in my day to day life. It was such an enlightening experience and I'd highly suggest a RTT session to anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety."

Click to order your pre-recorded session and start feeling better now
Take control over the way you weather this storm.
Be Well,
Nancy Despres' Signature
P.S. I am here to help if you have any questions or would like to work with me one on one. We can face these challenges together.