The wound dictates the behavior...

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT is one of the most eye-opening, illuminating modalities currently shifting many people.

Whether it is freedom from emotional bondage, money blocks, or health issues, we know the "wound" dictates the behavior.

We are all wounded in some way and it prevents us from having what we deeply desire, whether it's health, relationship, inner confidence, we all have some variation of it.

We all come into the world as pure beautiful humans with a desire for love and connection and a sense of belonging.

Somewhere along the way, we get short-circuited, mainly from well-meaning caregivers, teachers, or friends, who don't know any better.

Something is said out of frustration, we are at the effect of others. Things happen, we make meanings from those scenarios, we create beliefs that filter what we believe we can and cannot have.

As we grow, we wonder why we are not happy, loved, not worthy of our dreams.

If you are curious how your childhood could have affected your current state of health or state of mind check out this questionnaire on the ACE quiz.
ACE Quiz

It's all completely untrue, and yet in our mind...we are in pain, we live out old, outdated programs that were initially designed to keep us safe.

The beauty is when you know better, you do better.

When you realize it is all an illusion, freedom is available to you.

There is an opportunity for you to actualize your dreams, to be free of anxiety, depression, old hurts.

I would love to help.

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