The Power of Rapid Transformational Therapy

When you clear underlying issues, you respond better to life!
Have you been thinking about trying a Rapid Transformational Therapy session, but just haven't made a decision yet? I would like to share a testimonial from a client showing how powerful these sessions can be.
"The following is my testimonial. I would like to remain anonymous.

I have been through a lot in life. Two of my children died, I was the victim of domestic violence, and I was a homeless single mother. That was a long time ago. And life slowly got better. Then several years ago, I was struck by anxiety and panic attacks. I lived through worse times. How did this happen? The physical and emotional strain got to be too much. Did you ever feel like you were losing your mind? If you are reading this, you probably have. I worked with several doctors, and nothing improved. Nor did I want to take all the drugs they wanted to put me on. Not that I didn't try, but they had side-effects. I was desperate.

Four months ago, I had an RTT session with Nancy. I listened to her follow-up recording daily for a month. I had a couple of times where anxiety reared its head. Today, my boss asked me if I was frightened by this COVID-19 situation. And I told him I wasn't. Then it struck me; I genuinely am not afraid. Of course, I don't want my family to get this Corona Virus. But the rest of it? The restrictions, the idea of not having enough, the uncertainty swirling all around -- It doesn't worry me. No, I am not entirely the prior best version of me yet. I still listen to my recording every couple of weeks. What I have found since the RTT session is that I got my grit back. Life isn't perfect, but I know that I can handle it. And the centered feeling in my chest, that peace -- it just deepens with time.

I am so grateful for the changes following my session with Nancy.

Nancy, life is getting better. Thank you."
I love it when people experience such a change after their RTT session! Are you ready to see a change in your life? I would love to help guide you. Email me to set up your personalized one on one sessions.

Or if you just want to dip your toes into RTT and see what it's like, I also created a special pre-recorded RTT session specifically for maintaining calm during the pandemic. The truth is, the more calm and relaxed you feel, the more your immune system can work as nature intended it to. I'm running a special price of $47 for this recording for the remainder of the pandemic. Learn more in the link below.

Be well,
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