The anatomy of an RTT session

"Nancy walked me through a journey that I knew I needed but had no idea how to access. Her ability through Rapid Transformation Therapy is amazing. My thought process on several things have completely changed. I deal with severe anxiety, OCD, body dysmorphia, Trichotillomania.. I feel as though she has taken a magic wand and made my problems that have taken up so much of my life, into small parts of me that I no longer need. A million times thank you Nancy."
The step by step process that leads to this result:
Step 1- The Intake Process
Each client fills out an intake form and schedules a call. The purpose is to drill down exactly what it is that the result the client is after. Much like setting a GPS to get you to your destination. We get specific.
Step 2- The Session
I always schedule 2 hours for a client session, there is no hurry here. We either do it in person or via Zoom, yes Zoom! I have had many clients do the session cozied up in pj's tucked inside their bed. I just need to be able to see you, and hear you!!
Step 3- The Process: Hypnosis and the Subconscious...
Everything, I mean every experience you have ever had is recorded and stored in your subconscious mind. This part of your mind is the "feeling" mind. It runs your life, controls your feelings, and even makes decisions. It is the driver. It has been said we are all little children in grown-up bodies. When I take you into hypnosis, which is really a very relaxed state, trust me, you have been there many times throughout the day. It is a "flow" state, it is when you lose track of time, for example when you are is your autopilot. In this state I help you to access the why, the when, the where, and the reason for the issue you are experiencing.
I guarantee you that 100% of the time, the issue at hand, initially started as a way to protect you.
We have a conversation, a deep conversation.
My mentor always says, "understanding is power" when you understand the why, the when, the reason, you get to change it, and that is powerful.
I have many ways to help you in this process, the insights and awareness the session produces are beyond words.
Step 4- The Transformation
When we take out what no longer serves you, old beliefs, thoughts, and ideas, it is literally cleaning house, and anytime you take something need to put something in its place, it is law. I create a recording for you, a transformational recording, that rewires the beliefs you want to believe, the RTT process defrags your hard drive and I help you to rewrite new code to live the life you desire. When you understand that the beliefs you have taken on as a child, and have never questioned can be changed to beliefs that you choose, you can be free to create a new life, one that you choose for you.
The client, whose testimony you read in the beginning, had struggled with some very common feelings of unworthiness, feelings we all have experienced, we are human. We all make meanings from the experiences we have, those meanings drive feelings and ultimately behaviors, in her case some unwanted behaviors. She was brave enough to want a result for herself, and she got one. Bravo to her!
Are you ready to make some lasting changes?
I would love to help.
Fill out a no-obligation intake form and invest 30 minutes in a conversation that could help you find the breakthrough you are looking for.
Be Well,
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