Step 2 for less stress: Questioning our thoughts

Step 2 for less stress: Questioning our thoughts
As you may know, nothing causes more mental and emotional stress than the thoughts we think.

I like to call this going down the rabbit hole. And, I used to do this to such a degree that I could literally and figuratively make myself sick.

Our mind can be our greatest friend as well as our worst enemy.

Do we ever question our thoughts? When when I began asking this question, my life changed.
A self-dialogue for questioning thoughts
1. When thoughts come up, I write them down (the power of get to observe thoughts on paper!).

2. Then I ask..."is this true"? I, of course not!

(Actually, to be completely honest with first, I JUDGE the thoughts!!!! Then I feel worse!! )

3. Then I look at the thoughts with compassion AND curiosity and say...isn't that interesting!

4. I also ask: "How do I feel when I believe this thought?" Pretty crummy.

5. Finally I ask: "do I want to keep this thought?" Of course not.

6. Over time, it occurred to me that we CHOOSE our thoughts. Out of millions and millions and millions of thoughts I choose to think, I ask myself: why on earth would I pick this one?

7. In the end, I let go of thoughts I don't want and choose better thoughts. Period.
Beyond the journaling I mentioned above, meditation and quieting the mind has been transformative for me...but it's easier said than done. That's why I made the relaxation recording for you. Please enjoy!
I hope you are enjoying this April series focused on reducing stress!

Next, we will discuss how the quality of our sleep impacts our stress levels, step 3 in the 4 Key areas stressors questionnaire.
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