If you are thinking about the new year, and feel like you need to grow in some way, can we please just acknowledge that growth is hard.

There I said it, and that felt good. It's hard because it's not something we do naturally or willingly. There is a perfectly good reason why it is hard.

If left to our own devices we won't do a ding dong thing.

It's not because there is something wrong with us at all.

It is totally normal and natural.

Here is a secret...
It's because of something called "the motivational triad".

We have evolved as a species to be motivated by survival. It's in your DNA.

Our goal as humans has three main objectives: 1. Seek pleasure 2. Avoid pain 3. Expend minimal effort

This type of motivation has worked for thousands of years.

It kept our species alive and well. And now it's killing us.

Literally. We are no longer forced to survive.

Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is what sends us into all kinds of issues, addictions, overeating, overdrinking, overspending, overscrolling, over Netflixing, and disease.

Avoiding pain keeps us from moving forward with creating and contributing.

And expending minimal effort has us doing very little to evolve ourselves.

In order to grow, to reach our goals, to become that next version of ourselves, we have to adopt a new motivational triad.

We have to be willing to move towards discomfort so we can keep evolving and growing.

Our comfort feels safe, but in reality, it is just the opposite of that.

It's surviving, and not thriving.

And it's also the opposite of what we need in order to keep moving forward in reaching our dreams and goals.

The new motivational triad that will bring you to your goals is...

1. Seek growth 2. Embrace discomfort 3. Expend massive effort wisely.

If it feels a bit scary, then you are doing it right.

I am embracing the coach within and offering you an opportunity to coach with me, from the comfort of your home.

Virtual coaching. It has been amazing.

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