Our health lives in our daily choices

Nancy Despres
This might sound a bit weird, but I have a few questions for you:
Do you treat your body how you treat your car?

Are you as proactive about getting your tires rotated as checking in on your daily stress levels and nutrition?

Or do you tend to wait for things to 'crash' before you pay attention?

Most importantly, what are your beliefs about your health?
I believe that prevention is the most desired form of healthcare.
This belief is not just the focus of the work I do with clients; achieving prevention is the center of my own health journey.

Through trial and error, I have realized that health insurance is just like car insurance: it pays for the crash but not the oil change or tire rotations. Maintenance is our responsibility.
I also believe:
  • Our health is just that: ours. Be proactive. Check in with your body to monitor the effects of stress and implement healthy routines and self care to avoid burn outs. Don't wait for the "annual check up"...don't wait for a crisis!
  • Daily choices impact our health, so each day, I try to do one thing better: drinking a little more water, eating extra greens, taking a flight of stairs instead of the elevator. Our health lives in our daily choices.
  • Medications, when needed, are amazing and lifesaving. Yet they should be used sparingly and when all other options, such as lifestyle changes and therapies, have been unsuccessful.
  • How about checking in with your body right now?
    Try this inventory of your gut health:

    Try It

    If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am always talking about how gut health impacts everything, especially our brain and immune health. Many of my clients get insight just from just reflecting on the health of their gut. You might even print out this quiz and keep it for reference.
    If your results surprise you, book an appointment with me and we can get you fixed up!

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    Also, see this hand out from a company I am personally using in my own belly building:


    I always try out products before offering in my practice, and this 3 step process is super easy to do! If you are interested in learning more or ordering, contact me and I can get you started.

    With Gratitude,