One Of My Biggest Secrets

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I am Nancy Despres, RN, functional medicine practitioner, Rapid Transformational Therapy mindset coach and I'm 100% committed to getting you the life, the health and the freedom you crave.

I wanted to share a part of my journey with you today, a secret that I rarely share with people. Read my story below...

Nancy Despres
I believe that prevention is the most desired form of healthcare.
This belief is not just the focus of the work I do with clients; achieving prevention is the center of my own health journey.

Through trial and error, I have realized that health insurance is just like car insurance: it pays for the crash but not the oil change or tire rotations. Maintenance is our responsibility.
My Story
In the spirit of vulnerability, what I have learned from being ME.

The power of writing out your life story.

Understanding ourselves.
My Story
I have been working with people literally my entire life. As a first born child in a home where divorce came at the age of 5, I endlessly manage to "fix". I adapted the role of the rescuer.

It seems I could sense when my parents, siblings were upset, without being told, asked, or invited I would rush in and do something to distract, soothe or repair a situation, mend a relationship or somehow manage to shift the focus in the room to "buy some time" where I could relax.

It's no surprise I grew up to become a nurse. Seems I was comfortable dealing with pain, discomfort, and "broken hearts", as I started my career as an RN in an extremely chaotic open heart ward. No coincidences are there?

My primary question was always..."why do some people get better, and some keep returning?"

Fast forward 15 years of literally running on a hamster wheel at the hospital, getting married, and having 3 children

I was officially a wreck.

Trying to be all things to all people, there was no shortage of people to fix.

The only person I wasn't looking at was guess who? Me.

I had finally entered the stage of anxiety and ultimately panic attacks.

I hope you never have one.

Mine would last an entire day.

I could not leave the house.

I had 3 small children and it was a nightmare.

I remember bringing them all into the bathroom with one of those small DVD players and I would get into the bathtub filled with warm bubbly water and lavender-it was my safe place and the only place where I wasn't feeling like I was going to die.

My children would eat cereal and watch movies.

That was my life for one year.

I finally went to my doctor, my symptoms were: feeling tired, feeling that something was wrong with me that I could not explain, my heart was irregular, I felt like I was going to pass out, my digestion was a mess, I was not sleeping, I had fears of leaving my home.
Proposed solution: Xanax.
Does my story sound familiar? I want you to know that you are not alone.

Modern society tells us medicine is the answer, but we're all learning – at different paces – most pills only mask the root of our problems.

What I have learned through my own health journey, as well as being present with my clients, is that every aspect of us needs to be addressed in order to rebuild our health. We must address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Learn how to take control of your health.

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Nancy Despres