Learned Helplessness

Hello again from Portugal!
Right now, I am taking some time to recharge and relax with my family on a trip to Portugal. We are enjoying the new experiences, food, and culture of this beautiful place!

Several years ago, I could barely leave my house due to anxiety, but now travel is one of my passions and something that is a part of living my best life. Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) was a life-changing discovery for me and it has been an amazing addition to my holistic nutritional practice!

I would love to help you live your best life and not be held back by limiting beliefs!

Today, I want to share with you a pattern that I've noticed in my RTT work with clients. It's a big reason why people feel a sense of not knowing why they are anxious. The pattern is learned helplessness.

Family Time in Portugal
Have you ever heard of learned helplessness?
Learned helplessness happens when a child experiences something that they can't fix or do anything about. They feel responsible. They knew something needed fixing, and yet they were incapable of doing anything to make it better.

Sometimes it's an alcoholic parent, or a parent being chronically ill or witnessing their parents arguing over a long period of time.

Most likely, it was a situation they could not escape from due to the fact they were just a child and had to live with it.

And they did not understand it was not normal or appropriate.

They wanted to help in some way, as all children do, but they were not able to, because they were just a child. It is not the child's responsibility to fix the problem.

They can take on an enormous sense of responsibility.

Many times, they had to "parent" their parent.

Growing up too fast, and bypassing a "normal" childhood.

In their adult life, they feel overly responsible for everything.

Perhaps this shows up as overachieving, being very empathetic, workaholic...feeling that whatever you do, nothing matters.

This is a pattern that developed in childhood, and the good news is- it can be eliminated, giving you the freedom you desire.

Now, if you feel deep down that you are helpless or powerless, you get trapped in patterns or cycles of experiences where this repeatedly plays out, and you feel frustrated, don't understand why you cannot do the thing you need to do....

All this can be dramatically changed with rapid transformational therapy.

I would love to talk if you feel this resonates with you.

Just fill out an intake form on my website and we can schedule a time to see if RTT is for you.
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Testimony from a recent RTT client who suffered from 50 plus years of anxiety
"Thank you for the session, I did not know life could be like this, I feel so calm. I have never slept so well, and I am excited for the first time about my future!"