I Survived 2021

Truth be told...

I am ecstatic to be into the new year! If I am to tell the truth, 2021 was my year to have health issues!!! As someone who feels like she lives a healthy life, it all came crashing down at the end of September.

I want to share with you because there are some things that I did that I feel can be helpful to anyone when their health goes offline.

Sometime around the third week in September, I went into the hospital as I experienced a partial bowel obstruction. It wasn't horribly painful, and yet there were some things that indicated I wasn't doing well, I felt "off," I was constipated, and had zero appetite and zero energy. My lab work was a mess; I had a very high CRP indicating inflammation, and my kidney and liver labs were not good either. It was determined that I needed a sigmoid bowel resection (the very last part of the colon just before the rectum) and that I needed to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks prior to surgery.

No one wants surgery, right? And yet I knew it was necessary. The first thing I did was to get my mind right. I know my first reaction was to feel scared, which I allowed. I knew that I needed to feel the feeling to move forward so I let myself feel all the feelings of being afraid, feeling nervous, and scared. It is so amazing that when we allow the feeling and intentionally feel it, it dissipates. I could literally feel it wash over me, leaving room to decide how I wanted to feel. Great question! How do I want to feel about having surgery? I want to feel supported, I want to feel taken care of, I want to feel confident, to be assured, to feel comforted. In those weeks, I focused on feeling those feelings, finding examples in the past when I felt this way. Thinking thoughts that brought me these feelings. I truly believe this is where our power lies.

I want to tell you that I believe because I did the work on my mind, I had literally the best experience, everyone was so kind and I have never felt more supported or confident! I remember being in the pre-op area and was not nervous in the least. I feel like my mind gave me the gift that I had prepared my mind and body for.

If I can help you with a circumstance, to see it in a different way, or give you some tools to help, I would love to. Or just give the "how do I want to feel..." a whirl and let me know what comes up for you.

Here's to a healthy new year! Cheers!


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