How to use the hair on your head to deeply heal...

Nancy Despres
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From a panic disorder, candida, blood sugar instability, mercury overload my health began to change. Having three young children, working full time, living on the hamster wheel, I was tired beyond tired and just kept pushing. Being all things to all people, the nurse, the fixer, the responsible one. Putting myself first was never in the cards.
Have you ever felt this way?

Panic Disorder
I can say now that the panic attacks were a blessing. It got my attention. Loud and clear. It forced me to slow down, a bit drastically I will admit.

The ER visits, the doctor's appointments, my mind spinning. Nurses are trained to diagnose, even if it is not within the scope of our license. We do. And when we self -diagnose, we choose the worst-case scenario. I was convinced I was having a stroke or a heart attack. I even convinced myself I had some aggressive form of cancer. That is what the mind does. It spins.

Mainstream medicine did not help my problems. Well-meaning doctors pretended to listen to me while writing Prozac and Xanax on their prescription pad.

All my lab work was normal. But the last thing I felt was normal. I felt that my body was trying to tell me something. If I took the Prozac and Xanax, I would never find out what was going on under the hood.

That's when I began to study. Everything. I became obsessed with learning and re-learning about this amazing body.

I was doing a vegetarian diet while pregnant. Not a good plan, for me. Hindsight is amazing, isn't it? I pushed, I never asked for help with anything, because that would mean...

The mind makes some crazy meanings. If I asked for help to me it meant I was weak, lazy. My identity was wrapped up in be-it-all do-it-all. It was what I did as a child, the firstborn, the fixer.

Can you imagine how exhausted I was? My whole life I ran this pattern.

Becoming a vegetarian was easy. I lost my taste for meat. That was actually a clue. My stress levels were so high I was not producing Hcl, the enzyme responsible for breaking down protein. Not breaking down protein is not having available amino acids to make healthy neurotransmitters-good brain chemistry.

In my quest to reach an optimal level of health, I came across hair analysis and Nutritional Balancing Science, which is a process that eliminates toxins and guides the restoration of minerals in the body.

This was just one more thing I was going to try for my health, but it ended up completely changing the course of my wellness path.

It all started with my first hair tissue mineral analysis test. The analysis showed that I had a problem with sugar-even though my blood work was "normal" I could not regulate my blood sugar. My eating habits were horrible.

I was full of mercury which goes hand in hand with candida. I was in adrenal fatigue, there were days I couldn't put one foot in front of the other. My doctor never measured that.

My thyroid was barely functioning. My lab work was normal. My digestion was so messed up. My oxidation rate (which is how efficient your body is at converted food to fuel) was ridiculously slow.

All this information was gold! I had an answer and a path! I began to reclaim my health.

I love sharing about the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis testing because you hold all the answers.

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P.S. I have offered Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for about 12 years now and love helping clients finally get some answers! Let's work together to help you get back to feeling like yourself again!

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