Go All In

I love watching people transform.
But what's not to love? I get to be like a surgeon, taking out things that aren't serving my clients and watching them walk away healthier and happier.

As my testimonial below details, I have worked with some clients for many years, addressing their health issues with holistic approaches, but it wasn't until recently that I began to really focus on addressing health at the level of the mind.

After completing my formal training in Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) last year, I shared the powerful practice with my clients and many said, deal me in.

I think it's because they intuitively knew that deep change can happen when we go all in with the mind.

After watching my client's transformations, I can't get enough of RTT. I constantly work to improve my approach, even looking at teaching videos in my spare time.

In the process, it's been interesting to discover the beliefs and even fears people have in terms of hypnotherapy, which is used in approaches like RTT.
Most of us hypnotize ourselves on a daily basis.
We tell our minds lots of things, including how we feel about ourselves and our lives, as well as what we can and cannot do. The problem begins is when we begin to believe lies on a deeper level. Our mind will do anything we tell it to do, and when we tell it toxic messages, that's what we receive back in our lives--sometimes in the form of physical illnesses.

I feel blessed to help my clients interrupt this loop. Together, we use a variety of mindset tools to create positive, empowering results in their minds and bodies.

I am back from my exciting trip with my children and am ready to see you! Feel free to reach out with questions.
With Gratitude,

Nancy Despres
"The results were simply transforming"
A Client Testimonial

I have known Nancy for many years as my holistic support/provider. She has solved many challenges for me over the years, including addressing my leaky gut issues, gluten intolerance challenges, and providing supplements to offset the effects of the removal of my gallbladder. More recently, Nancy made me aware of the RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) services she was providing when I was consulting with her on another issue, and the timing seemed perfect for me.

Nancy performed RTT with me twice over the course of 2 months. The results were simply transforming. My goals in respect to modifying unhealthy behaviors and improving my self perception were completely exceeded.

It was obvious in my second RTT session that the original plan was taking a pretty significant turn, and Nancy just went with the flow and facilitated a spectacular session that was very different from the one she had planned. As a result, my outcome was much more profound. Nancy never ceases to amaze me.
Nancy has great intuition about a client's needs and does an excellent job of presenting her ideas and suggestions in ways that are easy to understand and digest. Nancy is a loving, caring, intuitive, empathic, healing and non-judgmental health professional. She is constantly seeking to better herself, and therefore is always offering options for her clients that are for their greater good.


Nancy and Jack
June Mindset Tool
I received this teaching from Jack Canfield, when I did an intensive training with him in 2017:

Event plus response equals outcome.

If you change your response, you can change anything in your life. This tool requires that you take responsiblity for everything in your life, especially your responses to events.

Can you think of any events in your life that have brought about a negative response on your part? Is there any other way in which you could respond? How might a different response change outcomes in your life?