Freedom is

RTT Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash
A lot of the time, we don't reach our highest potential through easy transitions.
Often, a struggle helps us to transform, and I am proof of that.
Many of you know that I didn't become a holistic health provider through just pure inspiration.

I actually experienced anxiety and panic attacks after my last child was born. When I was prescribed Xanax and Prozac, I knew I needed a different program.

This was the reason I got into holistic health.
Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and other treatments were not available back then. I wish they were, because I believe I could have been gotten rid of my anxiety a lot faster.
At the time, I dealt with my emotions in a different way, that took much longer.

Luckily today, I have had sessions of RTT to deal with issues that were not resolved, and I use a multidimensional treatment that I outline below.

Anxiety is the body's natural reaction to stress, it is a release of a hormone called adrenaline. Anxiety is triggered by many things, poor sleep, poor diet, old emotions and traumas being suppressed. Symptoms can include feeling like you're losing control or going crazy, shortness of breath, chest pain or nausea.

It is scary because it feels like something is really wrong. I personally felt like I was having a heart attack and or stroke. If you experience these symptoms, it is imperative to check in with a physician.

If the doctor rules out physical issues, I offer multidimensional treatment so you can experience freedom, sooner rather then later.
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